Hi there - I'm Erin Smilkstein, founder of mwom

Meet Erin.

You might not see it, but I'm an introvert. I find my energy in quiet spaces, not the spotlight. If you are like me, you might find the pressure of being ever-present online draining. Everywhere you go, social media seems to have gotten there first.

This definitely works for some people, don't get me wrong. For others, marketing, building a following, and making money looks much, much different. Either way, the goal is the same:

You want your business to thrive.

I have been marketing online since 2014. I have experience with video, print, social media, paid ads (PPC) and and so many more, and I have LOVED learning how to use all these different strategies.

After spending years (and years) and thousands (upon thousands) of dollars learning marketing strategies, I have put together the best, most authentic marketing methods that are straight-forward, strategic, and highly effective. Now I want to share those techniques with other entrepreneurs who crave real results without the flash. 

Learn more about Marketing Without Makeup's approach.

My passion is helping dedicated business owners like you succeed on your own terms. I provide honest, practical approaches drawn from my own experiences. My goal isn't to make you internet famous - but, I will get real people to find you in a way that honors you and your time. Here you'll find proven strategies to boost revenue without compromising who you are, or adding hours to your day for marketing. Let's achieve success your way...using my way.

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Do you freeze up when asked to quickly pitch your business? Stumble over your words when introducing yourself to potential clients? You're not alone.

Crafting an effective, concise elevator pitch can be challenging. But what if you had a simple, 4-step formula to create a pitch that leaves prospects wanting more?

This straightforward strategy makes distilling your business down to an engaging 30-second soundbite easy. Just follow the proven template and framework.

No more awkward fumbling or blank stares when asked "What do you do?"

Just confidence and magnetism.




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Marketing Without Makeup

Marketing Without Makeup strives to share marketing strategies through coaching and build your business through service.

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