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In an increasingly crowded and competitive digital marketplace, online business owners continually struggle to capture customer attention while building website traffic, reputation, and revenue. Yet many neglect two of the most effective methods available – content marketing and press releases. Building brand trust comes from customers knowing, liking and trusting you, and that's exactly what the media can do!

Integrating regular, valuable content marketing attracts more qualified visitors to your site over time through searches and shares. Press releases apply additional distribution and visibility across key media outlets. Together, they position your brand as an authoritative industry voice buyers can rely on. Every time a search comes up with your name, you build authority and trust.

building brand trust

Become a Go-To Resource

Consistently publishing in-depth, insightful content like blog posts, videos, podcasts, eBooks, and webinars establishes your company as a dependable resource delivering knowledge buyers need. Dedicate resources creating a steady pipeline of content focused on truly helping target audiences solve problems and make progress. Treat your website as a media channel, not just an online brochure.

Stay Top-of-Mind

With endless options demanding their time, capturing customer's attention comes through persistently providing high-value information focused specifically on their needs and interests. Maintaining visibility and delivering ongoing value earns you essential top-of-mind status that pays off when they’re finally ready to make a purchase decision. Without regular branded touchpoints, your solutions get lost in the billions of other search results.

Increase Discoverability

The more quality content you create around targeted keywords and questions, the easier audiences can find your expertise and offerings through search engines and recommendations. Helpful content earns trust while improving SEO visibility over competitors who are just selling products without addressing underlying needs. The byproduct of useful content also fuels branding, networking and word-of-mouth referrals.

What becomes even more impressive is the "stickiness" of press releases and media on building brand authority and awareness. While content is often fleeting, regularly reminding Google who you are is incredibly powerful to keep your website on the top of results.

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Boost Authority with Press Releases

While content builds foundational organic traffic and conversions, maximizing discovery and influence requires supplementing media distribution with expanded exposure through press releases. Strategically promote major company news announcements, data releases, partnerships, awards, events and other newsworthy items via press release wires. Marketing Without Makeup works with major distributors to get your announcements and news spread across the internet. Each time your publication is picked up, you earn high-authority backlinks, increased positive algorithm stats, and an instant boost of SEO keyword rankings.

Place Press Releases on Media Sites

Marketing Without Makeup can publish your releases onto major media outlets such as Associated Press, journalist portals, financial sites and thousands more for global exposure. Press release content and quotes also fuel website article ideas, as reporters actively monitor wires. Brands that only issuing social posts leave massive visibility untapped vs traditional publicity channels. You still need to consider that the biggest search engine in the world is still Google. When people want services, they turn to Google, and you need to be there.

The combination of scalable, useful, branded content alongside expanded media visibility through press releases accelerates search rankings, referral traffic, brand awareness, and social media followers, while positioning your organization as a leading, credible authority buyers can trust. And, it's an easy rinse and repeat - Find your keywords, write your articles, hit the presses. You will begin building brand trust with a targeted audience while stimulating business growth on autopilot

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Building brand trust through valuable content

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