Nurturing the Customer Journey With Subtle Yet Powerful Marketing Techniques

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Let’s face it: There’s just too much information out there on the internet.

First, you’re just looking for ways to style your hair and then you fall into the rabbit hole of new cat parents looking unprepared for their role or watching a hoof trimmer restore the hooves of cows in Scotland.

It gets even worse when you’re the one creating the marketing content. How do you stay relevant in your industry? How do you stand out? How do you prevent your target customer from getting bored and clicking off (or worse, going to a competitor)?

Easy: you need content that compels and attracts.

It’s no longer enough that you have a good product or service. You need to be able to communicate why your users will love it.

And for strategic and authentic marketing, there’s no other person you need to know than Erin Smilkstein.

A trusted expert that delivers results
Erin Smilkstein of Marketing Without Makeup provides digital marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses looking to improve their online visibility. Erin and her team craft a custom marketing framework, producing content that resonates with the client's target audience. The goal is to gradually build likeability to attract new clients and retain old ones.

Tailored strategies for niche companies
Erin considers the latest digital marketing trends, particularly creating compelling content for niche markets. But how do you design a marketing plan that captures your voice, branding, and goals?

How about hiring a professional?

Erin understands your unique needs as a niche SMB. She provides tailored digital marketing solutions that are not only effective but authentic as well. She clarifies that all strategies are made by real people to ensure that your content is genuine. This plays an integral role in building brand authority and boosting brand perception.

After all, people trust people with their needs, not robots.

Internet marketing done right
Erin believes that marketing is a relationship between companies and their audience. That is why she is committed to creating content and marketing strategies that nurture the customer experience journey. Her subtle marketing techniques focus on educating your consumers about their desired product or service, rather than coming across as too abrasive with “hard-selling” tactics.

As a client of Marketing Without Makeup, you can expect a noticeable shift in brand perception in months, which will contribute to conversion rates. Further, Erin and her team conduct regular audits of your website marketing plan, adjusting their solutions as needed.

Erin explains, "After spending years (and years) and thousands (upon thousands) of dollars learning marketing strategies, I have put together the best, most authentic marketing methods that are straightforward, strategic, and highly effective. Now I want to share those techniques with other entrepreneurs who crave real results without the flash."

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